On behalf of the Multicultural Greek Council, we would like to welcome you and your family into the Lehigh community and hope that one day you will also be a part of our collegiate Greek community. Greek life is an integral component of our school, and the more you learn about our community the more you will see why.

Our larger community of sororities and fraternities is organized into three councils: the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic Council, and the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC). The Multicultural Greek Council is representative of collegiate Greek letter organizations that have all been founded on the basis of not just an acceptance of diversity, but of a celebration of that diversity amongst us all. Our growing council currently consists of three sororities and three fraternities. Though each organization carries within themselves their individual goals and ideals – there are overarching values that bind us all. These values are of scholarly excellence, community service, sisterhood/brotherhood, and cultural diversity.

Our council may be young, as it was founded in the spring of 2009, our chapters have all been highly recognized on our campus. Our chapters have excelled both academically and also in terms of the service we have all provided to our campus and the outside community. Such achievements that can attest to our success can be seen in our Gold Accredited Chapters and Nationally Recognized Chapters of The Year.

Becoming a part of Greek life is a lifelong dedication and a truly life-altering experience. Our members are influential role models and leaders on this campus and have only continued to flourish within the many leadership opportunities that come from being a part of a culturally based organization. We hope that your daughter or son continues with their interest in Greek life, as it could be one of the most impactful and rewarding decisions they could make during their time at Lehigh University.


The Multicultural Greek Council